The Secret to Roasting the Perfect Coffee

Man’s Rule’s [more is better!] when applied to the amount of grounds used for brewing will definitely [if the coffee is fresh] destroy the palatal nature of the extraction. Filter drip coffee at it’s best is a balance of rather exacting [to the uninitiated] weights, grind, time and water quality. The most common mistakes made by home brewers and coffee shop owners have to do with the way they measure the grounds for brewing.

Measuring by volume is perhaps the most common mistake. One tenth of an ounce of coffee difference in a 2-liter airpot brewer will change the taste of the coffee. Another common mistake is to use the same amount of grounds for different roast levels and decafs. You will need more coffee with dark roasts and decafs. The roaster has sent a lot of flavor up the chimney with the dark roasts and greatly expanded the volume and reduced the extractable density of the bean in the dark roast. The decafs have lost a lot of their flavor during decaffeination. If you, your group, your business or school would like to learn more or have a hands on experience with coffee roasting or extraction please call me. 218-961-2326.

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