Fresh Coffee Aromatics

What does freshness mean?

Freshness is perhaps as important in coffee as it is in your vegetables. I am referring to freshness in coffee as days after roasting until brewing and consumption. The reality is quite amazing. Perhaps 80% of what you taste in coffee is the result of aromatics that we recognize as aroma and fragrance. Our minds as wonderous as they are change the stimuli from our olfactory nerves plus the 20%of info from our tongues and change this into flavors. After roasting coffee will give off 50% of its most volatile aromatics in the first five days and 90%after 14 days. In our experience at our roastery cupping coffees as they age yields some impressive results. We have found that every day after roasting the coffee is changing itis loosing flavor with each passing day. Because of our addiction to quality in the cup we will not sell coffees over 3 days post roasting-that is out of our retail location. Our internet business protocol is roast and ship the same day to insure maximum quality and flavor. So my friends think and drink fresh!!

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